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Demo Reel   A mix of client work and independent projects.

Hotel Dallas (Writer/Director/DP, with Livia Ungur) My first narrative feature premiered at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival and was hailed as a "hidden gem" by The Hollywood Reporter.

The Naked Brand (Writer/Director, with Jeff Rosenblum) Hour-long doc with Tony Hsieh, Joel Stein, and Shaq. Broadcast on Bloomberg TV in 2014. The full film is available here.

My name is Sherng-Lee Huang; I'm a filmmaker and visual artist based in NYC.

Client work includes leading projects for Google, American Express, and the Olympics; directing a feature documentary for Bloomberg TV; and shooting docs in Burma and Mexico.

My work as a comedy and music video director has been featured by the SXSW Film Festival, ABC’s 20/20, CNN, E!, G4, the American Film Institute, NPR, the AOL Top 40 Music Video Charts, and YouTube Top 20 Comedy Channels (33 million views).  

In collaboration with my wife Livia Ungur, I make films, sculptures, and installations. We have shown at many museums, galleries, and festivals, including the National Gallery of Art and the Berlinale.